100% Policy means, every penny given goes to help the poor.

Muslim Welfare Trust operates a 100% donation policy, meaning every penny that you, the donor, donate will go to those in need. We would like to briefly explain how we achieve a 100% donation policy.
Muslim Welfare Trust prides itself on both volunteerism and a high degree of professionalism. While a majority of our staff and events are volunteers in order to foster community involvement as well as keep overhead costs down, we do have several paid staff members, particularly in the countries in which we provide humanitarian relief, who are responsible for the daily (and often risky) tasks of delivering aid to those in most in need.
However, NONE of our staff`s salaries, nor other overhead costs associated with operating the charity, come out of the donor`s pocket.
Rather, we use Gift Aid money, which is money granted by the British government to UK registered charities - for every pound donated by a UK taxpayer, the British government matches it by 25 pence. Due to our diligence in keeping finances down while maintaining a highly skilled staff and top quality execution, Muslim Welfare Trust is able to cover all of their overhead costs through Gift Aid money.