Right now, people are freezing to death in places like Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Bangladesh, Yemen and right even here in the UK. People desperately need your help.

In the bitter cold, refugee children don`t stand a chance. Many don`t have winter coats or shoes on their feet. They walk barefoot in the snow, collecting scraps of wood and plastic to burn for fuel. These innocent little ones need help to survive the winter.

£165 will provide a desperate family with food and winter survival essentials like blankets and warm clothing to help them survive the bitter months.

Without warm clothes or blankets, they have no protection from the cold. The winter cold can so easily snatch away the lives of innocent newborns.

£100 will give a vulnerable baby and their family the warm clothes, blankets, mattress and heating fuel they so desperately need to keep warm this winter.

Support Muslim Welfare Trust, Your support can help us give more children a happy, healthy life.

Emergency situations are unfolding across the world all the time. Whether it's a drought, an earthquake or a political conflict, the real-life effects of disaster can be catastrophic and long lasting for ordinary people.

With your support, we can give food, water and shelter to people in disaster zones. We can provide adequate sanitation facilities and access to healthcare to people fleeing conflict. Together, we can save lives and help to get people back on their feet again.

Please donate now to help us to provide emergency humanitarian aid to the people who need it most.




Syrian Appeal

Right now, more than 8 million Syrian children are in danger. Many have lost their homes, their schools and even their families.


Myanmar (Rohingya) Appeal

As you read this, many families are living in makeshift camps in desperate need of food and water. The conditions are unbearable.


East African Famine Crisis

The UN say they've seen nothing like it before. Brutal conflict and drought has led to famine, food scarcity and extreme levels of poverty.



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