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Paying a kaffarah is also necessary for breaking a promise/oath. Therefore, for redemption of a broken oath, you must ask Allah for forgiveness, and pay the amount equivalent to feeding 60 people at a rate of £3 per person (the cost of an average meal in the ZANZIBAR). As a result, this amounts to £180 for each broken promise.

Who Is Obligated to Pay Kaffarah?​

Kaffarah (expiation) is a form of religious donation that is made by an adult Muslim who makes their fast invalid or skips from fasting during Ramadan without any good reason. The situations in which a person is required to pay Kaffarah are as follows:
  • Intentionally drinking or eating during fasting hours.
  • Performing masturbation or having sexual intercourse during fasting.
  • Intending or planning to miss or skip a fast on purpose.
  • Intentionally making yourself throw up (vomit).
  • Consciously hurting any other person, animal or even yourself.

How Much Do I Need to Pay?

The main purpose behind the payment of Kaffarah is to feed a person in need with two fulfilling meals for each of the fasting days missed, without a valid reason. Based on the current statistics, the value of Kaffarah is equivalent to £3 per person for every fast missed or broken. Therefore, if you want to know your exact payment of Kaffarah for a single missed fast, it is £3 x 60 = £180. However, if you have missed/broken more than one fast, calculate the Kaffarah value by this formula: £180 x Number of fasts broken/missed = Kaffarah Amount.

Why Must Kaffarah Be Paid?

This is a simple answer because we were guided to it by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Being Muslims, we are told to live a sin-free life, and so in case one makes a mistake or is disobedient, it is their duty to atone for the sin by asking Allah SWT for forgiveness. Another reason is that Kaffarah reminds us that this life is temporary, and we have a duty of submission and obedience towards Allah SWT. The religious donation (sadqah) reminds us to help those in need and be grateful to Allah SWT for all the blessings of life.