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Palestinian Crisis

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a catastrophic humanitarian crisis

The violence in Gaza has claimed over 31,000 lives, leaving thousands injured, according to the Palestinian Health Ministry – Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Illahi Rajioon.

Gaza, under complete siege, faces unthinkable horrors. The pipes supplying Gaza with water have been shut off, leaving over a million children freezing, hungry, and thirsty. Diseases are spreading, compounding the suffering. ‘Hungry, forsaken, dehumanised’ – the UNRWA Chief explains that the civilians living through these conditions feel betrayed by the world. A UN expert has issued a stark warning that hunger is pervasive among every Palestinian in Gaza.

Relentless airstrikes have targeted homes, mosques, and hospitals, escalating the death toll. With a ground offensive ongoing, safe places are scarce for 1.8 million displaced people.

Despite dangers, our teams are on the ground delivering crucial aid. We urgently appeal for your support to provide essential aid to survivors facing this deadly ordeal.

With electricity, water, food, and medical supplies all obstructed, the people of Palestine are relying on your generosity now more than ever. Stand in solidarity with Palestine and help save lives during this critical time. Please keep the people of Palestine in your duas – Jazak’Allah Khair.

Thousands of children, the day of Eid is going to be another day of going hungry